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Work With Your PDF Files Anytime and Anywhere

TechnologyWork With Your PDF Files Anytime and Anywhere

Looking back before, we have been working with a lot of files and documents using paper. However, through the years, almost everything evolved through technology. Now, we mainly use digital resources for most of our paperwork, and one file format has been widely used by corporate offices or school reports and research, which is PDF.

Professionals and students tend to use PDF files because it is safe, secure, and reliable for one. However, not everyone is comfortable in using this kind of file format since it could be complicated in doing certain functions, like converting, merging, and splitting PDF files. Luckily, we have found a way to make it all easy for everyone without paying for it.

Introducing PDF Bear

PDF Bear is an online converter tool that you can use to convert your PDF files into a different file format. It supports various types of files, which gives its users an answer to their PDF needs.

You can quickly turn PDF to JPG within seconds without consuming so much of your time. Aside from converting PDF files, you can also convert files like PPT, Word, Excel, JPG, PNG to PDF. So, it’s basically a one-stop-shop for all of your PDF needs.

How to convert with PDF Bear?

Converting files with PDF Bear works like magic. It is designed to be a user-friendly tool that helps anyone without experience to convert PDF files at ease. PDF Bear ensures its users that they will not experience any issues while working with their files. The tool prevents anyone from confusion on how to convert files. The tool has embedded instructions on their site for you to follow to have a successful conversion process.

The first thing to do is to upload the necessary file you want to convert. You can simply drag and drop the file on the site, or you can do it manually by clicking on the “Select File” button. Then PDF Bear’s system will assess the file before starting the conversion process. Once the file has been wholly considered, you can now initiate the conversion process by clicking “Convert.”

It will only take less than a minute to complete the conversion. You’ll it’s done because there will be a button that says “Download” for you to save the file on your computer’s hard drive or save it on your Dropbox and Google Drive.

Works on Multiple Platforms

PDF Bear’s accessibility has no limits. Whether you find yourself using a Windows, Linux, or Mac operating system, you’d still be able to access PDF Bear as long as you are connected online. In line with having an internet connection, you can also access the tool using smartphones. Whether its iOS or Android operating system, you can still access PDF Bear without any problem.

Advanced Security System

PDF Bear is fully equipped with a 256 BIT-SSL Encryption, which is an advanced security system. This feature lets their users work with their files and documents without having to worry about someone accessing their data without authorization. Its security system does not stop with advanced encryption. They also incorporated another protection that deletes all of your original and formatted files within an hour.

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